Gallery Text Not Responsive

It appears that Pro Galleries cannot have different text sizes in different breakpoints. The Gallery text size remains the same on all breakpoints.

When the size is changed on any breakpoint it changes on all. So you have huge text flowing down to mobile or tiny text flowing up to desktop.

:kissing_smiling_eyes: We know a workaround is to add different galleries to each breakpoint but that’s way too much work to design and manage over time.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Any thoughts? :sunglasses:

la Pro Gallery con editor X un disastro…lentissima e non mantiene le modifiche.
si capisce che è stata adattata dall’editor precedente. pessime prestazioni

Sì, viene dall’editor originale ma dovrebbe essere totalmente reattivo.

Team X, we should have this updated. What do you think?


This worked for me ….Try setting Desktop size first then come out of settings then go to the mobile breakpoint and go back into setting and adjust size(dont stay in settings when changing breakpoints). If this doesn’t work reduce the size until it works on all 3 x breakpoints or reduce the amount of text.

Thanks! We’ll take a look.

@leighmiles We tried your first suggestion but sadly it did not work.

The Editor X product team has shared with us that is a feature not a bug. The text is not responsive in video galleries and cannot be changed for different breakpoints in Editor X. This is for both the Pro Galleries and the Wix Video marketplace app.

This means you have to use the workaround (suggested by @leighmiles ) of creating separate galleries for each breakpoint (using the same exact content) and only display the gallery customized for that breakpoint or living with one-sized text across all breakpoints.

For one of our clients that means instead of creating six different galleries showing different channels we will need to create and maintain 18 or more galleries.

We hope the Editor X team gives us an improved or new way to display video content that is easy, beautiful, and responsive.

We are happy to share more with the product team if need be. We love Wix and only want to see it grow and continue to dominate the web design space!

Have you tried the below Layouter Bricks.

These might work better and i think you can link content from the content manager.

Thanks, we’ve seen this. It’s true, we can build this with layouts, grids and containers but it’s a lot of work for something very simple. Responsive text is built into Editor X it’s just not yet available in the video players and widgets. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Rich content is the rule now and many of our clients don’t need a custom layout. Many times we just need what the galleries provide. :thinking: