Getting a form to submit data to CRM and trigger a automation

I am trying to do this:

But there isn’t an option to “sync with CRM”. I was on with customer support and was told that I am not using a custom form but was not given and direction on how to do that and was told to come here for help.


You only get that option if your using a custom form from the looks of it. Everything else is triggered by the form itself which should goto the CRM anyway.

I’ve looked up how to make a ‘custom form’ but I don’t think that it is being detected that I can get the options above.

I’ve followed these steps but there is not a step to name the form that I can find like above:

Is there another approach to making a custom form?

I’ve created a new landing page with a “form” from input fields, connected it to a DB / dataset, and got submission to work. But still don’t see a “custom form” from the dropdown list of the automation. Usually in webforms there is a ‘form’ container that you can label and set various properties for submitting and such but I don’t see anything like that.

I just need to get that option in the dropdown and it should wire up the rest of the way.

yea i am not sure steve, i haven’t really played with the automations much yet.

Are you selecting “New Automation”? I ask because on mine the trigger for a “Submits a Custom Form with Wix Code” is the second option under “Choose a Trigger”

@dragonlord4469187 so I already have an automation that is setup. But it was getting sent along with other automations I had setup when the form was submitted. That is why I needed to get a specific one setup to go with a specific form. The thing that I’ve not been able to get has been the option to use a custom form. For some reason today, when I started over and used a new form it worked.

I am testing to see what to do.