Give velo feedback not working

This might be the wrong place to report this, but I’m having a bug where clicking Give Velo feedback does nothing.

I was trying to follow the Report a bug instructions because I found a minor error in the API (a # lacking in the code example " Enable the submit button when a dropdown item is selected" found at$w/dropdown/onchange

But clicking Give Velo Feedback did nothing. I tried to reach out trough the Wix Customer Care bot, it it turned out being less than helpful. So Trying to bring it up here to see if it’s just me, or a wider issue with clicking Give Velo Feedback doing nothing.

Hi Simen,
Thanks for letting us know. We looked into it and everything seems to be working fine. Can you try again in a different browser / incognito / clear cache and report back?

Thank you for the reply. I’ve tried with 3 browsers (Google chrome, Brave and Edge), clicking Give Velo Feedback does nothing on any of them. Having the problem both on Wix and EditorX. Also tried on a second computer with it not working.

@simen Thanks for the info. We will investigate.

In the meantime, you can report the API error following the instructions here:

@marlowe-shaeffer I’ve tried to report the bug trough the customer support, but the bot doesn’t seem to have any options leading to reporting an API error. When getting to Contact an Expert it only givs you option to as for help with a certain site.

I guess I can try reporting it on the discord?

@simen No, Discord isn’t the right place to report bugs. You can still report the API issue through the bot. You may have to include some info that’s not quite relevant for a bug, but go through the flow and the issue will still end up with the right development team to review. Thanks!