Grid Layout off the screen

I have started my website 4 times already and it is REALLY FRUSTRATING !!!
What i do with grid layout on desktop does not translate to the mobile site, i understand this, but why wont it let me edit the layout properly ?
The latest problem that really got to my nerves, after working hours on a grid, now it wont scale to mobile. It just stays put, nothing happens. The container with the grid doesn’t scale properly, no matter the device selected
When I go into mobile view, the grid is off the screen. And I cannot resize it.
The container is correctly aligned but the grid layout is off the screen and i cannot do anything about it.
Please help !!!

It just Makes me feel so much better about paying for these service every month!!!

The suport is unbelievalbe, i tell you. . .

Hi, @cosmin-hurba . Your screenshot shows that you’re two clicks away from solving your problem. Or am I misunderstanding?

If you click ‘Change Grid Layout’ you’ll get this dialog:

On this dialog, click ‘Advanced Mode’ and you’ll get this screen:

Here you can click on any of the column headers (showing 300px in my example) and reset the column width for that column in the current (and all smaller) breakpoint.

The problem was that the grid did not scale down to mobile.
I solved it by changing the containers.
Previously they where stacked (and for some reason they did not change in size when downscaling)
Now i transformed them into normal containers and the scaling works