Can someone offer some guidance with how to edit the a grid on the smaller devices

Hi there, I am currently building my first Editor X website and have managed, after many hours of winging it, to create a gallery using a grid and sticky components. It looks great on the PC view however when I resize to a tablet or mobile view the content is out of order and there is a huge space at the bottom of the gallery. I have viewed the grid on both view but they seem to finish where the images finish so I cant delete that space at the bottom.
Here is my URL

Thanks in advance

Hi, have you checked the section height on the mobile breakpoint? Sometimes the section has a fixed height in pixels.

Hi Jeroen, I will definitely take a look at that.

Thank you


I checked it and Jeroen is right, the section that the stretched container with the items is in , has a huge Min-height .
To fix it, select the container > go to breadcrumbs and select the section (or select it in the layers panel) > then when the section is selected set the min height to None .