Header not displying correctly on different laptops?!? Help!!

Hello All,

The URL for my site is https://www.startsmart.ie/ and the site is published and able to be viewed.

My issue:

I created the website on my Microsoft Surface book and when I view the published site on it using Google Chrome or Microsfot Edge it looks how I want it to look (Image 1)
However, when I used my girlfriends iMac , most of the site header is chopped (Image 2) and no matter how far I zoom out of her 27" display I cannot see the whole thing (Image 3)
Similar issues arise in the ‘About us’ section.
I am having the same issue viewing the header on a surface book pro.

Could anyone please offer me some guidance on a resolution?



You would be better suited going through Wix Support about this issue as it is not a code issue :



Try to recreate the header within a strip. A strip adapts to the screensize.

Once you’ve added the strip you want to create 3 columns. Set the left column to align to left. Set the center column to align to center and set the right column to align to the right.

Add your menu to the left column and make sure it doesn’t cross the striped line.

Add your logo to the center column.

Add your phone and email to the right column and make sure it doesn’t cross the striped line.

I hope this helps!