Heading changes in lower breakpoints affect higher breakpoints?

Hey, when i change a middle alligned heading in mobile Breakpoint it changes also in Desktop Breakpoint…very annoying

how can i have a solution for this?


I have the exact same issue and it’s exceptionally frustrating as we just end up chasing formatting across breakpoints. Editing on mobile changes right the way up to desktop. This must be a bug.

Yes it is i report bugs every day in editorX. I hope they will get more people and fix this soon

Hey @chrisdis9112383 ,
I’m Miri from the EditorX product team.
Can you please share a link to the site (and where exactly the problem happens) so I can take a look?
If you prefer, another option is to submit a ticket to our support team and this way to get fast replies to the bugs you encounter: https://www.wix.com/support-chatbot

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Apparently this still hasn’t been fixed. How can you solve this issue of not modifying something in the Desktop breakpoint while changing the Mobile breakpoint?

@jbrillembourg hey there
could you share with us, what you are experiencing at this point in video, or reach out to Editor X Customer Care regarding this