HELP - Adding a Tooltip to an Image

Is it no possible to add a tooltip to the image in Editor X?

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I am Naama from EditorX Product team.
It is currently impossible to add a tooltip to an image.
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When will the tooltip feature be available? In a repeater I connectected the image to a dataset including a description of the image.

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I think you could… mimic one ‘:v you design a “tooltip” box with shapes n’ text, you place it where you want it to be (on top of the image) and then u use the .onMouseIn and .onMouseOut events in Velo conditioning it to appear only on image hover. Dunno, just a though… there is indeed no manual way to achieve tooltips as for today. If you don’t mind using some code I think I could guide you a little about it

Hi Naama,
Is it still not possible to add a tooltip to the image in Editor X?
Its creates a problem when you want to use ALT text but NOT have the image description on hover… :frowning:

This is a tragedy.

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Thanks for feedback Kate. Will forward this again to the team.

Hi Ricardo, would you mind guiding me a little bit on how to mimic this ‘tooltip’ function? kindly message me through, thank you

You can use hover interaction to create a custom tooltip.
Create a container with text and add hover interaction on the image to reveal the container.

Thanks, but needed the tooltips to be driven by a dataset.

I was able to recreate something similar using hover interactions and a repeater so I can have the tooltip be pulled from a dataset.

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