Tooltips and Alt text

Has this been sorted yet? Have created a repeater with a series of icons that need tooltips for users to identify them - have a column in the collection that has the text for the tooltips and have connected them - but nothing displays when I mouse-over in the published site. Please help - trying to get this sorted for a client.

Nothing the when I mouse over the images - tooltip or alt text.

It is not supported yet ($w/image/tooltip, unfortunately, from our side we keep collecting feedback on this and we do hope that the feature will be released:

along with this in case if you need text to appear on image hover, you can still try to achieve this with hover interactions feature - apply effect to the element on canvas

if you are interested in this workaround and additional assistance will be required, please comment back

Thanks, we redesigned that page so we did not have a need for tooltips any longer.

I’m sorry to hear that it took extra time for you. In case there is anything we can assist you with, please contact us back.

here is the possible workaround:

Thanks Andrew. Is there a online priority list of up and coming Editor X future features coming soon? Your work around is appreciated but takes too long.

we got no upcoming features list, for all of the announcements of released feature we have the following page:

still, we are collecting all feedback to pass it to our developers team to prioritize the most requested feature, which is also done with your request