HELP adding Facebook pixel

I’m trying to add my facebook pixel to my wix site, but I dont have the remarketing option. What can be wrong?

Go to your site setting and look for the Track and Analyze tab. Let me know if it helps


Thank you very much Kobi, it works!

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m trying to create multiple landing pages, under a single Wix site, which is linked to a purchased domain. The landing pages have no header/footer and are hidden from the menu, so they do not appear to a visitor of the main site unless he/she types in the exact address of the ‘folder’ of the landing page. I am doing this (multipel landing pages), since I’ll be running a FB campain, and will be testing multipel ads, so I need multiple separate landing pages. MY QUESTION: For each of the landing pages I need a SEPARATE FB-pixel! Can I paste the respective codes of the different pixels, onto each of the different landing-pages? The solution you now provide of linking the ENTIRE site to a FB pixel is awesome, very elegant, but in my case I need control of where the pixel is, on which page. Thanks! Isaac.

Thanks for this Question Isaac. I have exactly similar situation.

I would like to track different campaigns on FB/Instagram with different landingpages/pixels.
Wix team… Please advice.

You have two option I can think about:

  1. Using with Multiple Pixels
    Create through Custom Option in Track and Analyze different pixel in every landing page. It can be done with the drop menu attach a screen shot:

2. Using with One Pixel
In Facebook Ads dashboard Pixel Options create a custom event based on URL

Let me know if I you need anything else

Great reply, Thank you Kobi (Y)

Working as well
Dashboard > Promote > Marketing Integrations > Facebook Product Catalog