Help me get a better menu button. (mobile)

So the image to the left is the wix menu when you click the button in mobile (I know you can have it shifted to the right or left and take up 1/2 of the space but it will cut off the words if they are too long (which mine are). The menu to the right when clicked on a mobile is something I would like or just something better then what wix has.

Again this is mobile - is there an app or some way I can have a better menu on wix similar to what I see here on the right? (IMO obviously the right website looks better and the menu button looks much better).


I saw 2 wix websites that have a bit better menu button.
both of their menu buttons on the mobile site are similar and better then what I have through wix. I called wix up and the person couldn’t tell me how to get it like they have it thou even thou they are a wix website. Any ideas?

This forum is specialised in Wix Code product.
Therefore, I suggest you contact Wix Support , as they can help you best.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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I made my own wix mobile menu for the same reasons you stated. It’s easy to do, just create all your elements for the menu using buttons or linked text and some vector elements.

Group them if you like and then arrange them all in the mobile version how you want it to look. Shrink the header area as much as possible in the mobile site and simply use mobile-viewable-only elements to replace it.

Here is the code you need to make elements mobile-only:

Little tedious, but very easy.