mobile menu options ?

I am creating a “site within a site” and trying to work around the limitations of Wix. I know its not possible to have “sub-domains” or to have more than one “menu” - Im working around this with a button menu for one side of the site and the main menu for the other on the page (rather than the header). This is working fine for desktop, HOWEVER…
On the mobile side the “proper” menu is defaulting into the header, and therefore showing on all pages ! Can anyone suggest how I can get around this?

What I usually do is hiding the menu on mobile and making my own using a Box or Lightbox with buttons inside. Have you tried that?

Hiya, thanks for responding. Yes was planning to use that (buttons in a box) on the one side of the site, with the regular menu serving the “main” side, but on the page content rather than the header. This works great on desktop, but the menu stays on the header on mobile version (even though its not placed there on desktop !) - so ALL pages see it on mobile. Didnt want to make another box/button menu for the main side as theres lots of sub pages etc so its really messy without the proper menu.

Make sure you do not have the SHO ON ALL PAGES ticked in the mobile editor

There is no option for that ? - if you go on a page on the mobile editor and click “hide” on the menu it automatically hides on ALL mobile pages??
Or am I missing something?