Help with completing my website

Hey guys,

I am having trouble in completing my website. All the elements are in place but just need to be positioned correctly at each main breakpoint. Whenever i change positions of text or an image at each point it ruins the design on the other breakpoints. I thought the whole point of the editorx was that you can edit each breakpoint independtly but this just doesnt seem to work. I have watched numerous videos and have still not found a solution.

Is there anybody here who could spare a few hours to complete the website with me over Zoom for example? I will of course pay you for your time.



Hi! I am having a similar issue. I have set up the design how I like it on my laptop and then when I view it on a different size computer such as a Mac, everything has moved out of position and elements are overlapping each other.

Hi Rich,

I figured out my issue and not sure if it is the same as yours. Make sure the elements are marked as ‘fluid’ and then ‘stack’ the elements together. This makes it responsive on different sites and ensures that the elements overlap!

Hope that helps.

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Hi Rich ,
If you can send the url of your site I can try to help with your problem.

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Hi Ido, that would be great:

I could add you as an admin if that’s easier Ido?


Hi Richard, we already make several websites in Editorx, take a look on our latest project that we are working , it’s not finished yet, but you can have a ideia. If you need help send me your email and your website link. Eddie

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Hi Eddie, that would be great:
Holding URL: