Horizontal Navigation with submenu indicators?

The support doesn’t understand my question after repeating it 2 times and adding screenshots multiple times.

How can I add submenu indicators to a horizontal menu? Like the arrows in this example:

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
See above.

What have you already tried:
Talking to the support but as always they completely ignore my question and send me links to solutions that I don’t need.

Additional information:
Please train your support :zipper_mouth_face:

Have you tried using CSS to add a background image to the .horizontal-menu__item-label element? make a little down arrow gif or png and align it to the right of the element, perhaps.

Just a suggestion. Not even sure if it’s possible.

Velo does not provide a direct way to target menu items with submenus using CSS classes.

As a workaround, you can add a special character like ‘>’ to the labels of the menu items that have submenus. This character will act as an indicator of a submenu.

Here’s how you can do it:

$w('#myHorizontalMenu').menuItems = [
  {label: 'Home', link: '/', selected: true, id: 'item-id-1'},
  {label: 'For Rent >', link: '/rentals', id: 'item-id-2'},
  {label: 'For Sale', link: '/purchases', id: 'item-id-3'},
  {label: 'Mortgage calculator', link: 'https://www.mortgagecalculator.org/', target: '_blank', id: 'item-id-4'},
  {label: 'About Us', link: '/about', id: 'item-id-5'}

In the above code, the ‘>’ character is added to the ‘For Rent’ label, indicating that it has a submenu. You can replace ‘>’ with any character or symbol of your choice.

Please note that this is a workaround and may not be the perfect solution if you want to style the submenu indicator differently from the label. For more advanced styling options, you may need to create a custom menu using repeaters or containers.