New Feature Alert: Styled Horizontal Menus

Styled horizontal menus are menus with more extensive design customization options. They let you change the layout of the menu and the submenu, style each section of the menu separately (menu container, items & sub-items), apply background images or gradients in addition to solid colors, and change the border style, and lots more.

Add a styled horizontal menu from the add panel, go to Menu & Search → Styled Horizontal Menus .

Enjoy and please share your feedback! :smiley:


Awesome! For the next iteration we really need to be able to control which sub items go into which columns (and give each column in the sub menu its own category heading), and also be able to add custom columns to display things like a card for a featured blog post, resource item, service, etc


Fantastic! The flexibility this will give is massive

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great addition! good job!
just add member’s permissions for each menu items and it would be 110% perfect. i’m sure it’ll solve many problems and a lot of hustle to many developers :slight_smile:





A must have. Thanks

nice blog

This feature doesn’t show on my websites…

I’m happy, :blush:
The Styled Horizontal Menus Improvement is fantastic news for many Editor X customers. Working with Editor X will be easier and faster with this new capability.
Thank you very much, for Editor X team

Effects (like hover and click) trigger on the whole element, not for each submenu link… making this useless. We would like to have a transition on hover. Also, there is no possibility to configure all expanded from start or make it behave like an accordion (close others when opening one). It should be possible at least in velo… Thank you!