Horizontal scrolling

Hi guys. I’m starting to wonder if I should leave Editor X and move to Webflow.

The latest new releases do not really excite me. On Webflow you can hijack the vertical scrolling to perform all sorts of effects - not just horizontal scrolling - like they do on the Apple website, for example. It just seems much more slick and powerful. Are Editor X constantly playing catch-up?

Someone posted their wish for hijacking the vertical scroll more than two years ago. No doubt their defence will be that they have not yet collected enough votes for this to be developed. But I think lots of people would love to see this rolled out - much better than lottie animations and other fringe stuff that I don’t think many of us really care about! I just find it really disappointing.

I also keep coming across errors in Editor X. I don’t bother to report them because I would be constantly posting problems. Quite often I have to go into my site history and restore a previous version - lots of bugs.

The latest problem I have experienced, for example, is that I have created a container with overflow on scroll, and have disabled the scrollbar.

The horizontal scrollbar is invisible in preview mode, but appears on the live site. Not only should preview mode reflect how the live website looks, but the horizontal scrollbar should be invisible. So failure on two counts here. So now I will have to look at Velo code to solve the problem which really isn’t good enough - sorry to moan but I really think Editor X need to get their act together. Website design is a cut throat and competitive business - Webflow will leave you guys behind for dust unless things start improving mega quickly.

Any thoughts on Webflow guys? I am getting seriously frustrated. I also asked for help on a specific issue from Editor X and they gave me lots of recommendations and feedback on my website generally - not what I wanted!

While part of me thinks it was a nice gesture, they had assumed that I didn’t know what I was doing - rather than asking why I had structured things in a particular way!

Some of the things I have done are necessary workarounds due to limited functionality. For example, you can’t apply scale text to a button, so I have to create my own button from scratch.

Then there are multi-state boxes. Quite cool, but very tricky and cumbersome to make work properly. Yes I know it is still in beta, but come on guys! You need to get the big stuff right before the small stuff.

For example, I wanted the height of my header linked to vw - but they recommended that I change this to vh. If I took their advice, the website would not look how I wanted it to look. All I wanted was help with sticky scroll - the instructions online are rubbish - no explanation how to stop and start the sticky scroll again.

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Thanks for the feedback @andrew_crowe and wanted to mention I replied recently to the scrollbar issue I believe you’re referencing here .

As for the hijacking, I have forwarded this feedback to the team.

As for the header issue, I’m curious about the design you were going for. I don’t tend to see the header height set to VW since it would make the header taller as the screen gets wider; it’s not a wrong design choice at all and sometimes being different helps websites set themselves apart but I would like to know what issue (if any) were occurring to make you reach out.