How Can a member cancel a free plan that is Valid until cancelled?

How can a member that has paid for a plan cancel? particularly if that plan is free?

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Therefore, I suggest you contact Wix Support , as they can help you best.

They can’t. I’m having the same problems and I’ve called wix. No workaround offered, it’s a feature that they’ll need to implement at some point. Unfortunately, you’ll have to delete the member profile completely and reach out to the member after in hopes that they’ll sign up again.

One solution i’m contemplating is when someone sings up then manually assign them to a role, lets say “Trial Member” with access to whatever page you select, after you’ve determined the period to be over just remove them from the role. They will remain as a member on your site. Not really a great solution but it’s something. I’m hoping Wix starts to work on the paid plan app and add more functionality to it, its very limited at the moment.