How do I add product thumbnails to a product page on Editor X?

The title basically says it all… how do I add thumbnails to a product page like the image above? I’d prefer the thumbnails to be below the main image, but I’m fine if they’re on one side or the other.

The tiny dots below the main image is the only way on Editor X to navigate between images on a product page — and they’re just too small. Usually, the dots below an image are used in conjunction with left/right arrows on top of the image, but those arrows aren’t a thing either apparently. Heck, I’d settle for only arrows on top of the main image. Navigating product images is currently too difficult because the dots are too small.

Apologies if this has been asked, answered, and resolved. I searched and couldn’t find anything relevant to Editor X.

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You can check out the Editor X community here:

Someone already asked this question ( here ), but you can comment on the thread so they know another user needs this feature.