How do I change an image's dimensions disproportionally?

I’m new to Editor X and having a hard time trying to work out how to ‘squash’ the height of a textured background image to fit the requirements of a particular section. I can’t crop the panel because it has ragged edges that I don’t want to lose but everytime I try to drag out a handle to change the panel’s shape it scales universally (cropping my beloved edges) despite having ‘scale proportionally’ turned off.
In the Classic Editor it was easy to stretch or shrink an image in either dimension so I have to imagine it’s doable in X too, I’m just struggling to work out how.
Any wisdom dropped on this novice would be much appreciated.

Hi Mark,
I’ve written an expert tip that explains how to get specific image’s dimensions
you can find it here:

If you would also like to choose what to display from your picture, you can get yo image settings, select “adjust”, and crop your image accordingly.

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Hi Klara,
Thanks so much for your speedy reply. I read your expert tip and attempted to size my item using vw but it didn’t fix the issue I was having with it cropping when changing the brower’s dimensions.
I’ve taken a couple of screenshots that I hope will better illustrate the problem:

The first image shows the banner as intended, with ragged edges.
The second image shows what happens when the viewport handles are adjusted - either the sides or the top/bottom of the image is cropped.

I feel I must be missing something really simple!
Again, any advice would be very much appreciated.

Hi Mark, I’m not sure, but looking at those images, it seems as the image is stretched to a grid cell that takes his height from the repeater on the right. You can add to the grid 2 rows, one in WV and the other would be FR. The repeater would be stretched to both cells, but the image will take only the WV.

If it’s not the way it was built, can you sure a link to your site so I’ll understand it better?