How to - Image Resizing without cropping

Hi all,

New to editorX. My first Post. Thanks in advance.

I want an image to resize propositionally with different breakpoints without cropping. Maybe a silly question but I am not able to figure it out myself. Also not able to find the right post for this either.

If I used “fixed”, the image is not resizing at all.
If I use “fluid” with percentage, the image is getting cropped with resizing.

Please help.

Hello and welcome aboard @suresh ,

If you want the image to resize without cropping and not crop, definitely want to have it to fluid and set the image to scale proportionally .

It’s also important to check it might not have a minimum height or width as that sizing rule can then cause the image to start cropping. For example, if the image can’t be less than 100 wide, it might crop the top and bottom to keep the image the necessary width.

Also, usually due to the browser data, if you’re resizing the image, I have it seen look like’s it’s being cropped but resetting the image will restore the image or if you check the live site, you should see the image looks okay.

Hope this all helps Suresh and if anything, feel free to check out the academy for lessons on sizing or reach out to a customer care expert .

Thanks for your help

They recently added Display mode to images. You can test out which mode best makes the image act the way you want.

Fit to bounding box makes sure it doesn’t get cropped at least!