How do I change the height of a cell in Wix studio?

How do I change the height of a cell in Wix Studio?

I want to reduce the height but the box is greyed out and there’s no drag handle.

if you hover over the bottom blue line you will be able to adjust

or above the height that is greyed out there is 3 dots. click that to toggle advanced sizing and you can set the height then.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 090409

If only it were that simple :slight_smile: There are no grab handles, there’s no way to resize it. I think maybe it’s a bug.

try the second option by turning on advanced sizing

I’ve had similar problems and continue to have problems with this.

I’m getting cells overlapping. The issue in one case was where an image was docking to the bottom of the cell, now I have another issue and thought I found the answer but cannot change the size of the cell. I’m spending hours trying to solve what should be a simple solution, why not just have a grab handle and re-size the box. ergh!

Turn on advanced CSS. You can then have more control over cells

Thanks but sadly this would not help. I’ve found a work around, which is working around the many bugs currently on Wix Studio which is to work between each breakpoint using the advance sizing and then finding the combination which allows you to dock the photos all at the right point which then allows you to re-size the cell. I think I’m getting use to it.

WS seems to have a lot of faults another is changing the animation of text from one colour to another I’ve found that the text actually changes size when hoovering. This and many other problems are causing me no end of lost hours trying to find solutions.

I may however use the CSS grid to find a way of getting two cells the same size. I see WS has this as a feature using a ruler like in editor. Is it not frustrating that you cannot just make all your cells the same size.