How do I integrate a CRM's api into Wix?

So the CRM system I use for my business offers a Forms API with the intent of getting data from a custom form on a website. They have prebuilt forms but they aren’t the greatest and they only work if you embed into an iframe which is causing other issues.

So I’m trying to understand how to make this work. Does the data go to the collection then out to my CRM via the API?

From the API documentation:

The CRM API is a set of Web Services that one can use to interface external websites and applications with CRM. The API uses JSON data as the mechanism to transfer data to and from the CRM system, and is designed so that these data streams can be easily constructed using many popular technologies. Simply put, the CRM API is a way for programmers and webmasters to make their existing websites or any other applications synchronize with CRM on a variety of levels.

I think there are a few ways to implement this:

  • Using Wix Forms or a custom form built with Wix elements which saves form data into the CMS or CRM. You can use the form submission event and associated data (using onFormSubmit() if done via Wix Forms) to do a fetch to your external CRM API duplicating the submission data

  • Triggering a backend function (web module or web method on Wix Studio) that directly inserts submission data into your external CRM using fetch upon user submission (detected via a button click on the page code). Your backend function would accept the submission data as a parameter and then use that to interact with your external CRM API

In either case, I recommend safeguarding the form from bots/spammers especially if it is available to site visitors (guests)