How do I remove “you don’t have permission to access this page” from my site?

how do I remove the “you don’t have permission to access this page“ page from my site?

when users log into my site and navigates to members pages then reloads, this page shows up.

how do I remove this page or how do I go about settings for when logged in members reload members page this doesn’t show up but lands back where the user refreshed from? I also do not want to modify my page permissions because it is members only pages. I have tested these as admin and a test user on the live site and this problem still occurs.


Did you try, going to the “Permissions” tab on the selected page and setting it to “Members Only”?

@igorjakovljevic it’s currently set as members only

@sionesevakif Could you share the link to your page, then I could check it out. Maybe we can find a solution together.

Sorry there’s nothing that can be done from viewing the site. the answer I’m looking for is can I access this page at all? And if I can how I can access this wix built in page? Or if there’s any work around on coding it so that’ll itll land somewhere else just not that page. thanks

Same problem here with a Blog page. I have opened it to everyone and still get the: You don’t have permissions to access this page.