How Editor X is being used

I’m in the throws of redesigning my online store using Editor X so am coming across lots of missing functionalities compared to Editor and little bugs etc. What’s interesting whilst reading through the forum for possible fixes or work arounds, is how many people seem to be doing the same thing - trying to build a more ‘funky’ version of their current site built in Editor. Lots of people building stores for example and lots of people requesting the functionality of Editor.

I’m wondering if this was the intention of the Editor X design? When you look at the templates for the Ex they are quite basic in their use but very creative - no stores really - just single pages with pretty snazzy elements. It seems that the X was perhaps geared more towards these types of sites rather than the ones most of us seem to be trying to build. Interested to hear what other thinks, and especially if Wix hadn’t quite anticipated what people would actually be using it to build.

Also, is Editor actually going to be decommissioned and replaced by X in the future or will it run alongside X for the funky people out there :joy:

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I’m pretty sure the current editor is not going anywhere. X is an additional, more advanced editor. As it is still in beta, there are still things Wix hasn’t yet added. I have a couple of simple sites (portfolio type) published in X but mostly I’m exploring and learning first.


Hi @gardensinglassuk

Thank you so much for sharing you concerns.

First of all, I want to clarify that the Classic Editor is not going anywhere. We actually have a lot of features in the pipeline that will continue to impress and make the Classic Editor great.

We developed Editor X to fit the needs of our professional users, we are aware of the missing features and are working on bringing them to production with responsive capabilities. The Editor X beta was intended to allow our users to try to use the product and bring some sites to production and get feedback abou the experience.

All the feedback we get allows us to better prioritize and understand what functionalities are most needed. We want you guys to have the opportunity to have a voice and share your ideas with us so we can try to bring them to life.

I hope this answers your questions. If there is any feedback or feature requests that you want to add, please feel free to share.


Thank you @sebi-vidret for this post; it speaks to my question about relationship between the two editors. But it seems to hedge a direct answer to whether Editor X is planned to become the Wix editor. It wouldn’t seem to make sense having two incompatible editors once Editor X reaches maturity. But there appears some reluctance to say that.

Thanks again for any further clarification.

Hi Mina. My use case for Editor X is strictly for prototyping (I am not a web designer). I’ve used Adobe XD to Webflow builds for the past two years, but I am considering moving to Adobe XD to Editor X builds. Webflow is great but contains way more than I need as a prototyper… Editor X is a much lighter version (which I am enjoying much more).

One other big advantage for Editor X… hooking up a CMS is much easier (and cheaper) than Webflow. My CMS needs are basic and Editor X handles it easily.

Hi Mina, I think the main issues with editor X is the prices. It apears to be very expensive and no promosions or anything else.

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Is it easy to export the code from Editor X designs? Or, do you have to rebuild the cite in your coding editor either way?

Agree, it feels too expensive to even bother with IMO

@sebi-vidret Can the team please enable the Direct Messages chat for this Editor X Forum. The DM feature is available on the normal Wix Partners Forum. I want to be able to talk to you and the team directly.

Also Sebi, please watch this video. I have copied the link at the exact time frame I want you to watch. This YouTuber is Ran Segall and is a well known (probably the biggest) website developer on YouTube. He recently did a video on Editor X, comparing it to Webflow, and talked about the pro’s and con’s. In the link I sent above, he talks about the limitations of Editor X. It would be great if the team at Wix can try and implement these missing features that he talked about.