How many forms can I make and how to link to email addresses?

So I’ve constructed a regional sales map with 10 individual Buttons and Lightbox forms. Click on the button, the corresponding salespersons contact info comes up and we ask some basic questions and then submit after filling out the form. Currently, I’m only able to activate fully 3 of the 10 forms. The other 7 forms show no fields displayed to be filled. We’re on a Premium Extra plan. Cannot for the life of me figure out how to get all 10 activated.

That, and any suggestions how to direct the forms to each individual salesperson’s email AND to a general mailbox who’s email is hidden? (ie - Email is sent to AND to in case Brad doesn’t respond in a timely manner and someone else in our sales team can.)

The latter part of your questions is easily answered by making the “general” mailbox a “catch-all” email within the email server admin, ie. Google Workspace, or Office 365, etc. and not within the form settings or role permission settings. Then the “boss” or assigned personnel monitors that catch-all box.

You could also, generate a workflow that “pushes” the activity to a triggered email that sends out to the responsible parties with the details of the form submission. But realistically, those same people should be admin of the site and will get the notification and details with the same information.

Without seeing the editor details. Make sure you are using the ASCEND plan that allows you to utilize more forms.

IF there is a limit to light boxes or forms per page, perhaps create the form on its own page, then add an IFRAME in the light box and then feed your respective form into the iframe.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the input Teejay! Looking at the different types of plans available, I see Ultra, Extra (which we’re on) and Essential. I don’t see ASCEND listed under Website Plans options or under the Business & eCommerce Plans options.

When in your dashboard, look top left (shown here). There you will see the options to upgrade your Ascend plan, which will allow you to employ an added number of plans.

I did some research and yes, it would best to pull forms from their own pages into an iframe, and not have all that added code on that one page.

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JUST saw this. Thanks! And I’ll look into pulling forms into an iframe. Thanks again!

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