Sending automated/triggered emails from a lightbox only

Hi Wixers,

I am setting up a lead generation tool, basically i put a contact form on a lightbox and people fill in their name, email, company name and project yes/no answer and we send them free stuff.

Unfortunately the emails I set via Wix go out whenever someone fills in a contact form but we have 14 (not including the light box) contact forms on our website, so i need a way of it just sending via the lightbox? Any ideas.

Your responses are greatly appreciated!

Dan C

Hi Dan,

I’m a bit confused - are you using the same contact form in different areas of your site? What sets the form in your lightbox apart from the other 14?

You should be able to set an separate email address for each contact form you create (go to the settings cog when you click on the form).

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive form / email tool, I suggest looking into the 123 Form Builder. It’s really great, as you can add lots of fields - plus there are lots of options as to who gets the responses sent to them (you can set up rules for this in the settings).

Not sure if that is what you’re looking for? Any other details would be helpful.