How to access Wix Chat/chatbox API events


Very pleased to see the Wix Chat API being exposed. However I may be missing something important as I don’t seem to be able to access events such as onMessageSent. If I try to add this to the site code then the only events which appear for $w(“#myChatbox”) are onMouseIn, onMouseOut, onViewportEnter, onViewportLeave.

I’ve added the events regardless and am writing out to the console if they are hit, but nothing gets written out so I assume the event handler is not being recognised.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks,


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So you have seen the Chatbox API.$w.Chatbox.html

Currently, you do only have the event handlers of onMouseIn and onMouseOut and onViewportEnter and onViewPortLeave for the Wix Chat app.$w.Chatbox.html#onMouseIn$w.Chatbox.html#onMouseOut$w.Chatbox.html#onViewportEnter$w.Chatbox.html#onViewportLeave

Don’t forget too that the onMessageSent function will only work when a user sends a message through the Wix Chat app.$w.Chatbox.html#onMessageSent
onMessageSent( )
An event that fires when a site visitor sends a chat message.
The onMessageSent() event handler runs when a chat message is sent. The sent Message object contains information about the message that was sent.
onMessageSent() runs if the message was sent via the chatbox widget.
It does not run if the message was sent programatically using sendMessage() .


Get message data when a chat message is sent

$w("#myChatbox").onMessageSent((message) => {
  const channelId = message.channelId;
  const messageText = message.payload.text;

/*  Example message object:
 *  {
 *    "channelId": "23b345b6-c78d-9012-e3f4-567g89h0i01k",
 *    "type": "TEXT",
 *    "summary": "Hey, how's it going?",
 *    "participantId": "12a345b6-e78f-8011-f3f5-567g89h0i12j",
 *    "createdAt": "2019-10-27T06:02:12.008Z",
 *    "payload": {
 *      "text": "Hey, how's it going?"
 *    }
 *  }

Having the same issue trying to access this API. All of the channel functions are missing.

We need to get access to the chatbot to make sure that we’re able to get the response.

Make sure that you are testing it in a fully published live site and not through the preview.

There are issues within the Wix Chatbot API that are being addressed very soon like maximize not showing as a function in code, however it works fine when site is live.

Thank you #givemeawhisky whilst the editor doesn’t recognise the onMessageSent event it worked when I published the site. I had tested with a candidate release and it hadn’t worked in that mode. I have also removed wixChat and readded the app, so not sure whether it was doing that, or if it just doesn’t work in candidate release mode. Either way thank you for your replies.

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Yes let’s hope that the quirks in the API are sorted out soon as it isn’t great that it works on a live site and yet says that it doesn’t work in preview mode.

If that is a case like the Wix Users API where it only works fully on live sites, then it needs to be noted in the API section for it.

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Thanks again. :+1:

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