How to backup website along with all data and invoices?

Hi all.

I have been wondering what could be a good way to periodically backup the Wix website along with all its data (associated invoices, client database etc.)? There seems to be a straightforward plugin for this in Wordpress called Updraft that can even automate periodic backups (of entire site data and store it e.g., on GDrive or local PC etc.) but the best bet in Wix seems to be to clone the website. Is that really the only way? – As far as I understand, this method does not clone the invoices and databases so if the website crashes or is hacked etc., one will likely loose those kind of information. Loosing client information and invoices can be very detrimental to a business so I wonder what could be the best safeguard for such issues more precisely some solution to periodically backup the entire website and associated data. Any suggestions?

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Hi! Your question is not related to coding. I recommend you to contact Wix Customer Care department here: Contact Wix

Hi Angelina. Thanks for the suggestion. The reason why I asked here first was because I wanted to know if there was way to use Corvid as an interface to create backups of the website as an XML file that can be stored on cloud storages like GDrive. Wordpress has plugins for this procedure but I was looking for something similar. If there is no way to do it via Corvid, I will also contact wix customer care.

See Backing Up Content Of Your Collections .

You can also retrieve previous versions of your site. See these two articles:

If you need further details or clarification, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care , as they know best.