how to change embed video with different video links from dataset


I would like to have my dynamic page display different videos from youtube. I set up a database for the different links for each page. but each page always displays the first link from the dataset.

I correctly set up the embed video (using Wix Video) to link to the database. connecting to the URL datasheet. I read that this is the behavior of embed video and datasets. so I would like to ask how would I be able to fix that?

Thank you.

edit: added where I am embedding my videos

Index page -

Selected page - (all pages keep showing this specific video when they should display different ones)

  • Dataset

When you say “Embed Video” do you mean in an Embed Widget (iframe)? something else?

I am using the Wix Video player then embedding the Youtube link on its settings

@pyrotekis there’re 2 different things:
Video (which is older and deprecated) and Video Player. I don’t know which one you’re using.
Anyway, code for setting the Video URL is here:$w/video/videourl

The code for changing the Video Player URL is here:$w/videoplayer/src