How to change the padding of a container

Hi, I was creating a website. Main section + overlapping(vertical section). The main section contains all the content. The vertical section is overlapping on the main section and is located on the left side of the screen. I moved the content on the main section to the right by using padding(So the content of the vertical overlapping section does not appear on the content of the main section). On a button click, I want the vertical section to animate out of the screen. Which I did. But now I cannot find a way to remove the padding of the main section to fill up the space that the vertical section left.
Is there any way I can change padding using code?
Is there a workaround, using something like grids?
Please help me with this,
thank you

Could you provide a screenshot or a link of what you are trying to achieve. People here work better visually :slight_smile: