Mobile Section Is Overlapping And Cannot Be Moved

I’m trying to move a section to the bottom of the previous section but it can’t be done. There is an overlap that is causing an issue.
I’ve tried everything possible in the inspector panel but there doesn’t seem to be a way to move this section below the previous one. It’s just stuck!
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

@info69504 Did you move the section in the inspector in panel by drag and drop? Sometimes this isn’t working properly, I learned the saver method is by using the pop-up menu and choose ‘move down’. If the section is moved in the inspector panel and the content is not, you need to check the docking settings. Sometimes the docking is changed with rogue values.

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I would look to ADJUST THE GRID that the map and video player are in. Sometimes it confines elements that inside of it, as the editor tools are referring to the environment that it is in.

Put your cursor on the CONTAINER and select to ADJUST GRID and see how it is set up in that viewport.

Thanks for the suggestions @teejay & @info87066 but neither of these have worked. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that EditorX promised so much but is still too buggy to deliver on its promises.
I’m now rebuilding the entire webpage step by step AGAIN! Very frustrating.

Hi @info69504 - sorry to hear that. Can you please contact our support team here so they can look after you?

Thank you @eduardog - I honestly don’t have the time to do this but I appreciate the gesture from your side.

I found a work around if anyone is interested.

On the section below the overlap, I ramped up the pixel height for that section. On doing so, I was able to manually drag the overlapping section into place.


I am having the exact same issues and have been frustrated for months about this. It is hindering my website going live. The more I try to work around it, the more it affects other break points. What I need is fo the tech team to sit with me and run through the issues, nit send me an email saying they tried it and it was fine.