Unable to remove space between container and section

Hello guys! I need some major help here. I’ve got a section with a container in it, the container is aligned to the bottom of the first section with no scroll effect, and then I have a second section right after. Somehow when I scroll down on my phone there’s always a space between the container and the second section that comes right after the container, therefore showing the content throught that space that’s behind all layers. This shouldn’t be happening as I have it aligned to the bottom of the first section with 0xp padding (See attached image for better understanding).
My first section as 3 rows and container is set to start on second and end on the third, therefore, the end of the section.

Does anyone know how I can remove this space?

Might be worth noting that this isn’t hapening on desktop view with same settings.

Thanks in advance for any help.

@jpmslbarbosa It’s a bit confusing, I know, but if your grid has three rows and you want your container to extend to the bottom of the third row, you need to specify the ‘end’ as ‘4’, not ‘3’.

That on its own doesn’t explain why it’s working ok on the desktop, so here’s another possibility: Are the grids on desktop and mobile the same? If you edited one or the other, it’s possible that they aren’t and you’re therefore getting different results on each. It’s also possible that the grid dimensions behave differently at those different viewports. Check to be sure the mobile grid (and the alignment of your container within that grid) is correct.

First of all, thank you very much for the prompt response and help given.
Second of all, I apologize, I wrongfully explained myself as my section had a grid with 2 rows not 3, so my container was on the correct row.
I was finally able to fix the problem by changing the vh minimum height from 350 to 250, I no longer have a space now. I don’t know why the height of my section made this happen but that’s how I was able to fix it.

Thanks Jim!

@jpmslbarbosa Thanks for the update!