How to connect new Google Analytics to WIX using Web Streaming

I am used to using the older page tagging but since Google upgraded their platform I can’t seem to connect my site using (gtag.js)

I am trying to verify using realtime on Google Analytics and nothing seems to be working.

Hi Blake, I’ll have our Product Expert take a look and see what we can find out.

Thank you, will they be able to get into my account? What do they need from me?

@blake first they’re going to see if it can be done and how. If we require additional information, we’ll have you submit a support ticket.

Hi Blake,

I have reviewed your screenshot, and it appears you are using a method we are unable to support. To integrate Google Analytics please follow the steps to get the UA code versus the Gtag Script.

You can read more here: Adding Your Google Analytics Tracking ID to Your Wix Site