How to create a job search page

Hi everyone, just joined the Wix code community and oddly enough i’m not a coded just doing my best.

I am trying to create a page for my recruitment business, so that applicants can search my website for jobs. I have created the page, created a database collection but now need to create a form (i’m guessing) that will give my users the option of selecting different pulldowns and then a data entry point for me to enter new jobs and that’s where im at.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Like this which I made ?

Honestly its not possible to explain on a forum because the project is very extensive. You will need to create Back Office Portal For your Team Members, Applicants Database, Jobs Database, Back Office to Add New Job, Update Jobs and Remove Jobs, Application Page etc.

Your best bet would be to hire an expert from the Wix Arena. But if you run into coding issues we are here to help.

Thanks Shan, I guessed this was going to be a big job

Hi Shan, how to create the job search box and attach the resume ? May I have your email contact information>