How to create an Unsubscribe link

Hi, I followed the tutorial on How to Build Your Own Members Area Using Code and was able to achieve this. I now want to be able to let members on my site unsubscribe via an unsubscribe link. How would I go about doing this?

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I came here to find the exact same solution. I believe it’s actually a violation of GDPR laws for Wix to have anyone be automatically and defaultly signed up for any form of email. It’s really a blow to my ability to build trust with my website customers. So I wish they made it easier for them to (1) unsubscribe and (2) not be subscribed without their consent in the first place.

So, my workaround (that can maybe work well enough for you) is to display a link to the page where their account settings are. Members can unsubscribe there. I believe the default URL for all Wix account settings pages are https://www.[yoursitename].com/account/settings.

So for me, on the page where members first sign up, I actually have an apologetic explanation explaining that I wish I had a way to not subscribe them without their consent, but that they can go to https://www.[mysitename].com/account/settings to unsubscribe immediately after becoming members.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

See the GDPR articles for more information

As Yisrael has stated above, Wix have GDPR set out for you to read and fully understand in that article along with links at the end of it for you (on the users behalf) to either get all of their data or to delete all their data.

Plus, depending on what member signup method you are using, then you can have this feature turned off to begin with when you make up your site.

If you have used either the Wix default or the Wix custom options from above, then you can simply have the ‘join our community’ checkbox unchecked and let the user decide to join or not.

If you leave it defaulted to checked, then the user will automatically join when they are registered as a site member on your website, so that is your own choice there and not Wix.

Join the community is checked by default: Click the toggle to check or uncheck the "Join the community" checkbox by default.

Note: This option is only relevant if you have a social app such as the Wix Blog or Wix Forum on your site. When the toggle is on, members are added to the community by default.

Learn more about Wix Blog and Wix Forum communities.

So, as you can see above you already have the option to do this yourself.

If you have used your own lightbox and gone down the Corvid option for the member signup, then you won’t be able to have this option in the lightbox itself, so all new site members will have to to their own My Account page and subscribe themselves or they can subscribe themselves on the app itself.

Make sure as well that you have got the Settings page shown in your Login Bar Menu and/or in your Member Menu, so that all your new site members can easily access it from their own Members area.

Also, please note that it is also possible to unsubscribe yourself from emails at the bottom of any received email as well with these two lines.
You’ve received this email because you are a subscriber of this site
If you feel you received it by mistake or wish to unsubscribe, click here

Finally, if you look in the Wix API Reference for Wix CRM Backend API and Wix Users Backend API, you can see how to have simple buttons setup to delete a contact through the Wix CRM Backend API or to delete or block a user through the Wix Users Backend API.

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