How to create tables to display collection content in editor X?


Not a happy camper that after switching to editor X, all tables vanished from my site. Does anybody have any solutions?

Not sure what you are asking?

From your dashboard you can click on Content Manager to view/show your tables and their contents?

From the editor, you can click on the ‘Databases’ icon, on the left side of the editor.

I need to link certain fields from my collection (either via filters or Velo queries) on certain pages of my website. The content is user specific as well as some other criteria (for example, all records between certain dates or all records with status “in-stock”).

I used to do it using simple tables in WIX editor, but with editor X that capability is gone and I am left with clumsy repeater option. There are some apps (like the one that I showed in my screen capture), but they are not compatible with editor X.

Hence, my curiosity if anybody else is struggling with dynamic tables…