How to make a text slider like the image

Hi community friends, I want to hide/unhide my text on a button click, basically exactly like the gif attached below.
Please help

Hey @prateek-porwal123 ,

The team is working on Click interactions but if you have familiarity with working with code or know anyone who does, you can add interactivity with Velo.

thanks, @Rob , I was able to recreate this with your help.
One unusual thing that’s happening to my site is an extended footer which is not visible in the editor but appearing on live version…can you please help me fix it

this one is also solved, editorX is awesome, kudos to the team

Glad you got the slider working @prateek-porwal123 . From the look of your gif, it seems that the container is underneath the footer. Might be a good to check the layers panel and check the docking . It could be negative and going underneath the footer height.