Feature Request: Triggering Editor X Interactions with Velo

Hello Everyone and Editor X / Velo Team!

I love using Editor X’s click and hover interactions, but I would really like to be able to trigger an effect using Velo! This would allow us to create responsive animations fairly simply.

Using Velo animation, you can only translate elements using pixels (a non-responsive value). But if we were able to create an effect within Editor X Interactions (which allows us to use responsive values), then be able to use Velo to trigger the effect, this would allow us to create custom responsive animations.

For example, let’s say I want to move a large image to the left when the user scrolls down to a specific section. If I were to use Velo animation, then I would have to move the image a set pixel value. This would not look good on all screen sizes. However, if I was able to create a responsive effect with interactions, then add a viewport_enter event to trigger an interaction effect, then the animation/interaction would be responsive.

Hope this makes sense and can be considered! Thank you!

  • Ryan