How to place transparent header over strip

I saw a similar question here but there’s no solution to it. For only 1 page of my site, I want to have a strip that starts from the top of the page, which overlaps with the header. However when I drag the strip to the top of the page, the header is hidden and seems to be behind the strip layer. I tried to adjust layer orders as well but didn’t work. How can I bring the header layer to the top with a strip overlapping it? A similar question that I saw:

(I made the strip’s opacity to 50% to show where I want to header to be. Now even though I can see it, it remains because it is one layer behind the strip. )

It’s not possible to place the strip behind the header, you can add another strip instead.

However, if I understand correctly, you wish to display the header on all pages but one, and display the strip on top of the header on that one page.

You can do it with the following steps:

import wixLocation from 'wix-location';
if (wixLocation.url === "relevant page url") {
else {