How to Trigger Auto Downloads for image

Hello. I was looking around the web searching for how to let people download my images on dynamic dataset’s. I don’t won’t to use the wix pro gallery because I couldn’t customise the expand page for the image. I found this youtube tutorial by Code Queen Tigger-Auto Downloads for image
I followed the instructions in the video and copied the same code from her Tutorial Site . But the download didn’t start when I clicked download. Then I checked the video again and then I realised the video was was out of date (uploaded in 2018). I want people to be able to download my images! As I said I searched the web (maybe not all of the web) but that was the only relevant search result I found. Can anyone give me a url to a post/video or tutorial for this? Can anyone give me instructions? I really want to use this feature on a dynamicDataset because I can get each image page listed on search engines and give each images an url. Please someone help me!


I don’t have the answer, but have the same issue. I need to download images from gallery, but can’t…

Anyone else got an answer?

mee too have the same issue. what a wix this is?

It works for me now. (Although I do not use it anymore.

Hi Arthur, I’m trying to get this to work - what did you do to get yours working? Thanks!