How to upload a list of photo URL address to CMS via CSV file

how to upload a list of photo URL address to CMS via CSV file
Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
batch a list of url addresses via third party host … currently Wix is limited to uploading single photos at a time and each needs keywords and metadata entered one at a time.

What have you already tried:
PS Lightroom however generating a list of urls was impossible and Wix still only installed one at a time

Additional information:
Chat GPT agrees that Wix is not capable of this simple request


To upload a list of photo URL addresses to CMS via CSV file, you need to follow these steps:

Prepare your photos and give them a regular naming structure that you can keep track of them. You can use any image format that is supported by Webflow, such as JPG, PNG, or GIF.

Upload your photos to a server that can provide direct, public links to the images. You can use services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, or GitHub.

Create a CSV file that contains the information for each photo, such as the image name, the image URL, and any other fields that you want to import to your collection. You can use any spreadsheet software to create the CSV file, such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Go to CMS in your site’s dashboard and click the relevant collection. Click More Actions and then click Import Items to import content to your Sandbox collection. Click Choose a File and select your CSV file.

Map the columns from your CSV to your collection fields. For the image field, you need to select the column that contains the image URL. You can also map other fields, such as the image name, BeBallPlayers, keywords, metadata, etc.

Click Next and review the import summary. You can see how many items will be imported and if there are any errors or warnings. Click Import to start the import process.

Wait for the import to finish and check your collection items. You should see your photos uploaded to your collection with the information from your CSV file.

I hope this will helps you.