html code access

Hi, I 'm a new user at WIX. I have got the Beta code access by mail, but I don’t see the html code . How could I see and do some changes in html code?


Hi noaa,

First of all, Welcome :slight_smile:

Wix Code is about simplification, therefore we have a large and simple API that allows you to make changes to your Wix site by code, based on elements in your site, so there’s a very good chance that Wix Code can do whatever you like without accessing the actual HTML.

I suggest you explore some of our examples , so you’ll get a good feeling about what can be done, and have a look at the API , so you’ll be able to easily understand how to do it.

Feel free to post any question you have here in the forum.


Hi Liran
Thank you for replying to me
I looked at the API, but I didn’t find my answers :frowning:
I still don’t know how to change an image’s size or resize a font that I have on a page .
Could you PLS explain more and turn me to relevant examples or any other help?
Thank you

Hi noaa,

Are you sure you need code for that?
Setting up the font of a text and the size of an image can be done in the Editor without using code.
Just Add a text box, click it, and click ‘Edit text’.
Image is stretchable.

If that’s not enough, please try to describe more specifically the required behaviour.


Hi Liran
I would like to do these changes into a “list” I have used from wix-> add a list.
I would like to know how resize the fonts of the sub menu too.
So, I need code for these changes.

This seems like a support issue which is not related specifically to wix code (and this forum is about the code).
I could have tried helping you but I think that you’ll get the best answer from the correct guys.
Try opening a ticket to the Support team here:


Liran, I have already opened ticket & got answer. PLS see the attached answer from support:

Sorry, I think that I didn’t explain myself well enough.
The answer you got from Wix Support is based on the fact that you have specified the need of Wix Code product, rather that describing what you want to do in your site as you have described here (regarding the menu and the list), so it’s just a misunderstanding.
I’m sorry for the ping-pong, but if you’ll open a support ticket describing what you need to do (customising the list and the menu), they’ll be able to help you at the best way :slight_smile:


Hi Liran
Thank you for turn me to support team. I have got some of my answers. But they said that, there is no way to customize the sub menu (drop down). I think I can customize it by code.
Here is the support answer:


  • It is not possible to change the font size of the drop-down menu tabs without affecting the size of the main menu tabs.

  • Not all menu designs have this option.
    So, is it possible to see the HTML code and do these changes?
    I’ll be glad if you explain me how?