I have buttons showing up in weird spots.

I built a site through wix and I have a page where customers can sign up for classes from our site. On our page most of our classes can be booked and signed up from the wix sight. However two classes require sign up through a site I link to.

It seemed simple enough to add a button and place it over the booking button for the wix sight that links to the teachers website.

The problem is when someone clicks to book one of my classes and when they are taken to the booking page the buttons that link to the one teachers website remain in the same place.

It seems like this is an error becasue there is a switch for having buttons move from page to page and this is switched off.

I have included screen shots…

Can anyone provide me with a fix?

The first picture is of the “Book it” button for Leather craft that I placed over the “Book it” Button that can be seen under “Make a Wallet”

The Second picture shows “Schedule Online” at the top. As you can see the “Book it” button still appears. I don’t want it to appear on this page.