I need help connecting "tagged" portfolios to dynamic pages

Hi all! I’ve found tremendous help within this community, and I’m hoping ya’ll have an answer for this next question:

I’m a photographer and I have multiple portfolios (roughly 100), each sorted by different keyworded “Tags”.

There are roughly 3000 images, and the “tags” on each image in the content manager, help sort these images into their designated portfolios.

Some images have multiple tags, thus, belong in multiple portfolios.

My “Portfolios” page has 100 images in a Pro Gallery, each Titled with a different Portfolio.

For Example: Image 1 in the Gallery is labeled “People”, Image 2 in the Gallery is labeled “Animals”, Image 3 in the Gallery is labeled “Corporate Business”, and so on…

I am trying to set the “link” for each item in the Pro Gallery to link to a Dynamic Page associated with a specific “tag”. (Example: When you click the “People” Portfolio Image, it sends you to a Dynamic Page with a Pro Gallery which only contains images with the tag “People”.

Alternatively, I realize I could create 100 separate pages, and create a unique Pro Gallery Dataset Filter for each page, but I think this is the very reason why they created Dynamic Pages?

I’m a little confused about Dynamic Pages - where do I start?


@teejay - know of a solution to save the day? Thanks!

Not sure of the details. Have you considered making the various Gallery types as items in their own database, then cross referencing using the MULTI-REFERENCE within the database that has all the individual images. Then create pages and add the Gallery type dataset to the pages, add a Gallery or a repeater that feeds it with images assigned with the multi-reference.

The latter part is what I am not sure will work because of the set up.

That’s a great idea. Looking into it now. Have any idea how to efficiently get the image names into the multi-reference column without having to go through all 3000 images, 100 times?