I Need help from Editor X Dev Team ASAP!

I just managed to convince a client to use Editor X over Wordpress. They finally agreed. They need a form on there site which has multiple fields including a signature field. I just realised that Editor X doesn’t have a Signature field for Wix Forms whereas Wix Editor does have a signature field for Wix Forms. I’m really stuck now. I don’t know what to say. I spent multiple email chains convincing my client to switch and I realised that I can’t add a simple signature field which has messed up the entire project. The small things that Editor X misses really makes it difficult for me to use the platform. I’m embarrassed and in hot water. I don’t know what to do. Is there some way you can tell someone in the Dev Team to add the signature field ASAP!

If there are any other forms that people recommend, it has to be safe and secure, because the forms will take in sensitive data. That is why I wanted to use Wix Forms itself because it all secure within Editor X without any third-party.

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Let me see if I can get someone from the team to help here @liam10 - meanwhile, did you try any alternative?

Hi again @liam10 - just checked with the team, you’re right - we currently don’t have signature in Editor X. They suggested you use a third-party form such as Jotform and embed as a HTML iFrame.

Let us know if this works. Happy to hear suggestions from other members who might have used other forms too.

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@eduardog JotForm seems ok but the pricing becomes very expensive when I upgrade. It is almost double the pricing of Wix Ascend.
This issue is all over the one simple feature! Please try and get a developer at Editor X to add this signature box to Wix Forms. It’s a such a small request from myself that would solve a major problem for me. My clients needs medical forms to be submitted and therefore these forms require signatures.
For the future, Editor X team should spend some time making sure the feature set Wix Editor has is fully integrated into Editor X too. I also noticed there are multiple ‘Input’ field missing in Editor X that Wix has.

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I hear you - our team is working really hard to bring Editor X to the next level. I passed your feedback on.

Did you try some other form app in the marketplace? I didn’t try this one yet but maybe worth a shot? Boom Form | Wix App Market | Wix.com

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