What's going on Editor X team? Missing features?

When will added features such as Currency Conversion for Wix Stores be add to Editor X?? Why aren’t such simple features not ported over to Editor X over two years into this platform. So disappointing. There are so many small features that Wix Editor has that have been neglected by Editor X. These missing features are deal breakers for my clients that want to set up sites with Editor X.

Also signature field for Wix Forms on Editor X is missing.
So many Input fields are missing on Editor X when compared to Wix Editor.
Velo Api integrations are missing from Editor X but available on Wix Editor.

I feel as though Wix has given up on Editor X. Wix Editor gets all these new features added weekly, but Editor X gets barely any updates. Most of the updates are gimmicky. Editor X is trying to run before it can walk. The basic features are missing but advanced features like ‘advanced real-time collaboration’ are being released.

Editor X needs to prioritise making existing Wix apps fully integrated and adding in basic elements that Wix Editor has such as missing features i mentioned above, as well as Slideshows, scroll animation behaviours, page transitions, gradient pickers etc. How long have we been waiting for Slideshows!?!? Editor X team needs to make sure Wix Editor has no added benefits over choosing Editor X as their design platform.


Hey @liam10 ,

Thanks for the feedback and while I don’t have ETAs for when these features will be available, will forward all of them.

Some of the features you mentioned are currently available to vote on here:

One we don’t have is Scroll Animation behaviors so curious if you can share some insight on what you would like to see when it comes to the animations and any other possible insight you would like to share for the features above.

Thanks in advance for any shared feedback and suggestions.

Hi @Rob

Thanks for getting back to me!

I appreciate you sharing the voting, but these features should have already been implemented a long time ago. They are basic features.

Regarding the scroll animations, it would be great to have elements move depending on how far down the page you scroll. For example, the Apple website product pages e.g. (AirPods Max - Apple).
For a better explanation, have a look at the scroll animations Webflow has https://webflow.com/interactions-animations
This is what I would like to create on Editor X.

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Hey again @liam10 ,

Thanks for the feedback about the features that should have been implemented and the links for the scroll animation. Checking out Webflow’s Academy lesson for scroll animations and while I’m sure this feature is on the team’s radar, will forward these examples.

@liam10 Hello Liam, I’m Dara from the editor X team, I would like to get in touch with you, can you please share your site URL or your email so I can contact you as soon as possible?
Thank you

why editor X don’t have text drop shadow ? and carousel slider auto play ?

For real…

When the “advanced editor” that’s targeted towards professional designers and agencies is lacking things the “basic editor” has…that’s pretty glaring.

Editor X has SO much potential but is pretty far behind and moving so slow that I’m wondering if it’s going to survive. Guess we will see…but I’m just more and more tempted to learn a different platform…

Every platform has it’s issues…but ya…it’s frustrating to have no big updates and constantly be finding issues or missing features.