image problem in collection

I’ve been having some problems lately with all the image stored in a collection. The problem is that the collection is a source for almost all the images on my website. The image address are a simplified version of the Amazon Affiliate product links. Everything was perfect, the image were visible in the collection field and were visible on the website via dataset function. And a few days ago, something happened and all the website statistics dropped signaling that there was a problem. Well, surprise, surprise, there was no more images working anymore. Am I missing something??

I think this could be something for …

Maybe you stored a full url instead of Wix image src format?

hmm…yes, that could be the problem. I don’t even know when this problem started, because I haven’t check the website the last few days, maybe a week, but last time I’ve checked, it was working properly. I think it was less than a week ago. Hopefully I’ll find out if there is a solution for that.

It was something like that
h t t p s://*&Format=SL160&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion==1&tag=***********&language=en_US

I have replaced the id of the store and all the product code to make the link unusable, just to show the format of the link. I was working fine before…

@domaineasy101 The fact that you don’t see the image thumbnail in the collection doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong (as a matter of fact, I think urls like yours are not meant to be displayed as thumbnails.
But if they don’t appear on your live site, then it’s a real problem.

Well, they appeared just fine in the collection until a few days ago, and on the repeaters that was taking its info from the collection. If I embed that link on the web page directly, in an iframe, it will display, but not in the collection. I repeat, it was just fine , thumbnail and all in the collection and image displayed in a repeater or a carousel gallery until a few days ago, even made them randomly display from the collection. Now the site is “on maintenance” because of this problem but frankly, after trying to build this for a month and finding workarounds to do things that wix hasn’t implemented yet…I realize that it’s best to cancel the premium plan and move somewhere else. It’s not ok after all this work to just have it all thrown away just like that. I’m really disappointed by Wix. Everyone was right, I was wrong. It’s just not worth it. I should have stayed clear of it.

@domaineasy101 so I suggest you’ll post it in the link that Dima’s attached.
They may be able to help there.

As for your conclusion, if you think that developing on other platforms would be problem-free, I think you’re wrong.

Indeed there are things that can’t be achieved on this platform and you should take them into consideration. But technical issues and surprising bugs will be everywhere.

Are you still encountering this issue?

The problem is still there(no images in the collection), but after I’ve basically lost the entire functionality of the website and lost the site, I cancelled my Wix subscription and moved on to another platform. So… no, I’m not encountering the issue anymore :slight_smile: