Improving Multilingual URL Functionality on Wix

As premium Wix users, we appreciate the platform’s many features. However, we want to highlight a crucial aspect for international SEO: translating URLs for multilingual sites.
Currently, our URLs remain in Japanese characters even for the English and French versions of our site ( This negatively impacts our SEO and global visibility.
We request that Wix integrates the ability to translate URLs according to the site’s language. This feature would be a significant asset for all users aiming to optimize their global SEO.
Thank you for your consideration.

Wix Multilingual Request: Customizing Local URLs

they Working on it
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Currently, it is not possible to customize the URL slugs for each language version of our site on Wix. As a result, while our primary site language is Japanese, the URL slugs for our English and French versions also appear in Japanese. This has affected our site, as it is not being indexed correctly by Google for English and French languages.
We hope this feature will be implemented soon to improve multilingual SEO on Wix.
Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards