Input element for Phone number

Is there any ready-to-use input element for phone number ? Preferrably with a dropdown to select the country.

Hi @nikobarli

I believe you can do this using Velo


Thank you. So there is no ready-to-use input element from EditorX, right ?

Hhmhh, Ok, I must use Velo then …

@nikobarli I did some digging and found out that you can also use Regex.

Regex (Regular Expression) is a series of numbers, characters and letters that ensure your visitors’ phone numbers save in the format you want.

How to use Regex:

  1. Find or create the relevant Regex code for the phone number field in your form.

  2. Add the Regex code in the Phone Number Format textbox.

Examples of Regex Codes:
Regex codes can be created however you want them, as long as they match the specific region’s rules. You can search online for a specific code for the desired area. A few examples are also below.

Regex Code: [1]\d{2}\d{3}\d{4}$
Description: This expression matches a hyphen separated US phone number, of the form ANN-NNN-NNNN, where A is between 2 and 9 and N is between 0 and 9.

Examples of matches: 800-555-5555 / 212-666-1234

Examples of non-matches: 000-000-0000 / 123-456-7890

If you don’t want to use the Advanced (Regex) number format, you can choose from the following options:

  • Default: Your visitors can only enter phone numbers that include digits and parentheses.

  • Unformatted: Your visitors can enter any phone number they want.

  • Custom: Create a custom format for your visitors to follow. For example, you can use “#” to indicate numbers and “-” to indicate spaces.

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