Is it possible to add Javascript code for the PayPal checkout in order to add the Credit/Debit Card button on my service checkout page?

Hi! I am using Wix Booking with connected PayPal as a payment provider.

In the final checkout form I have only one button that offers users to make a payment through PayPal account (Place Order button).

As far as it increases our chances to have sales, I want to add also usual Credit/Debit payment option. The same as on PayPal website, PayPal Checkout integration page:

As you can see, even in basic integration with e-commerce platforms they offer two buttons which allow to pay whether through PayPal or Credit/Debit card.

Please, help me to make it the same

If your wished option/feature is not provided by the wix-out-of-the-box-solution, you always have the ability to code your CUSTOM FEATURES and FUNCTIONS.

But before you start to code your own CUSTOM CODE for → PAYMENTS (SENSITIVE-DATA) … read the following very similar post…

There are always few solution-options to get your result.

Thank you Velo-Ninja for reply!

Coding the custom checkout page is a solution for sure, but to complicated for me :frowning:

I am still not pleasantly surprised that wix offers such half-integration

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